Team N.P.A.R. is First Responder Owned and involved in First Responder stress reduction and management. We metal detect and hike as a alternative way of stress decompression. Team N.P.A.R. attempts to help other First Responders in our community on a one on one basis. "You have to survive the job" "You also need to know when to ask for help". Emergency Services, Military PTSD and Suicide is on the rise and so is the need to get them the help they need. There are very few medical services that are tailored and capable of dealing with the specific needs of those that do what we do. We are raising money along side USPC [ WWW.Uniformedhelp.org ] for this very issue. We need to take care of our Own, the responsibility is ours. This is preventable, we can fix this! Please help us fight. GO to donate to help us fight!!!!!