James     "AKA Quiet James"

Co-Owner Has been metal detecting for a couple years now and is big on research with a profound love of History. Bringing strategy and professionalism to the arena of hobbyist. He is a part time Firefighter also Firefighter/EMT at a local Fire Company with a drive to help other First Responders. James is a vital part of Team N.P.A.R. - email james



Bru    "AKA Bottom Feeding Bru"

Has been digging for a couple years now. He brings support researching and I.T. skills to the table, playing a vital roll in Team N.P.A.R.s ability to succeed in our digs local and abroad. He is a Tradesman in the field of Building Construction and is also a Carpenter. But watch him, he might swoop in on your dig! This guy is a great part of the Team. " SWINGING AND DINGING".


Gene    "AKA The Dirt whisperer"  

Has been digging for to many years to count lol. He is a avid metal detectorist, salvage diver, wreck diver with a severe love of HISTORY. He is a Family man, Fire Officer/EMT at a Local Fire Company and is dedicated to the unearthing and understanding of American artifacts! Also he has a bit of the "SHOVEL LUCK" and a vital part of Team N.P.A.R.


Steve (aka n.p.a.r. steve)


Has been Metal Detecting for years with a dedication and love for History, spending his spare time recovering artifacts metal detecting/hiking and learning about and researching local History. He is a Family man working E.M.S. 6 years,  was a Firefighter/EMT at a local  Volunteer Fire Company for 5 years and worked 2 years in a Emergency Department.

Email Steve