-The History of metal detecting-



-Alexander Graham Bell-Did not invent the first metal detector, as most would believe. A French gentleman did In 1874. "Parisian inventor Gustave Trouvé developed a hand-held device for locating and extracting metal objects such as bullets from human patients". However Bell hastily [for good reason] fashioned his own version he dubbed the "Induction Balance". He did so to find a bullet lodged inside of our 20th President, James Garfield's chest after being shot by an assassin in 1881. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful due to the springs in his mattress throwing the signal off. 



Gustave Trouvé



-Józef Kosacki – 
a Polish soldier and engineer who during his stay in Scotland invented a modern, more practical hand held VERSION "Metal Detector", or what is commonly known in the military as the "mine detector". It was used by the British Army until 1995. Kozacki’s name is just one of many on the list of Polish inventors that contributed to the Allied victory during WWII. this VARIATION at first look glance looks primitive, and MEASURED against TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY perhaps it is. but this important INNOVATION is still being used in many countries, and is CREDITED for saving countless lives across the globe.